Winter holidays in South Greenland

  Almost everyone who has been here during the summer is curious about the winters here. It doesn't get nearly as cold as you might expect. Of course we get our share of storms and cloudy days. But during the months of January, February and March, it often gets so intensely bright and sunny that you can hardly step outside without sunglasses. Winters in South Greenland are dry and relatively mild. Suffering from a perennial case of the winter blues? A week or two in your cosy house in Greenland might be just the cure you are looking for.

Explore the backcountry on skis or snowshoes, or curl up and relax with a good book. At night, you can bundle up and spend hours gazing at the northern lights.

You may even experience a foehn storm. These violent warm winds come hurling down from the ice cap, whip up the fjord, and can even knock you off your feet. But don't worry - you're safe and sound in your winter hideaway.