Discover the great outdoors
South Greenland is gaining in popularity as a hiking and trekking area. You can pitch your tent wherever you like and drink directly from crystal-clear rivers and lakes. Located close to the ice cap, Narsaq is the perfect jumping off point for everything from an afternoon hike to a full-scale expedition. Take off in almost any direction and you'll soon find yourself in trackless wilderness.

Ice safaris
Why not take an ice safari through one of the nearby ice fjords? Visit fields of ice and see colossal icebergs that resemble floating fairytale landscapes. Or take a boat trip to a location where you can walk up and touch the ice cap.

Viking ruins and old Inuit villages
Throughout South Greenland, you will find fascinating remnants of the past. Ruins of old Viking homesteads are scattered through the countryside, and it is not uncommon to find old Inuit graves and abandoned settlements. In the open-air musuem in neighboring Qassiarsuk, a reconstructed Norse longhouse and chapel and an Inuit sod house show what life was like in the old days.

South Greenland is one of the best places in the world to go fishing. Rivers and lakes are teeming with trout, and there are plenty of arctic char, salmon and cod in the fjords.

Rich geology
The mountains to the north of Narsaq are an eldorado for geologists. Many rare rocks and minerals, most notably the semi-precious stone "tuttupit", are found on the Narsaq peninsula.

Pick your own
In autumn, when the leaves of the low-growing arctic birch turn orange and crimson, hikers can collect mushrooms and blueberries.