Rent a house in Greenland!
We call this cozy little house in Narsaq, Greenland 'Isikkivik' - the Greenlandic word for 'what a view!' - and when you see it, you'll understand why. Most guests spend their first few hours here just gazing out the window at the huge icebergs in the fjord, the fishing boats in the harbor, the mountains and the huge expanse of the ice cap shimmering in the distance. Welcome to South Greenland. You are about to fall in love with a warm place in a cool country.

Relax and unwind
Step onto the terrace to admire the view. Take a deep breath of that pure arctic air. Feel a lot warmer than you expected? Time to put on the sunglasses, strip down to a t-shirt, and soak up some summer sun. Relax and unwind. Life moves at a different pace here.

Wilderness adventure
Coming to the Arctic looking for adventure? You've come to the right place. The wilderness of South Greenland is right at your doorstep, and Narsaq is your base camp. No wonder we called our website 'silamut', the Greenlandic word for 'outdoors'. This is your opportunity to experience some real adventure.